Darren and Kylie

Darren and Kylie

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Oliver, camping, and graduation

School has ended for the semester and now Darren and I are just working! Darren is working for the school in their Mechanical Operations department and loves it. I was working down in Idaho Falls at Sam's Club, but I was offered a teaching job down in Ogden, Utah. I will be teaching 6th grade social studies and reading. I am very excited and nervous all at the same time. With Darren having one more semester up in Rexburg, we will be living apart until December.
We were able to find another place to live down in Ogden and have been moving things down slowly. I can't wait until December when we will be back together. Luckily the drive is only about 2 1/2 hours between our houses so we are able to visit every weekend. We also got a dog! He is the cutest thing ever. His name is Oliver and he is a mixture of Maltese, Poodle. He does not bark, or shed! He is very lovable and I am glad I will have him down in Utah with me!
Just a few weeks ago Darren walked in graduation. It was a great time. Family was able to come into town and celebrate this great accomplishment. Darren and Tyler (my brother) walked together. am so proud of what he has done and we are both looking forward to what comes in our lives next! Right after graduation we were able to go home to go to Darren's family camping trip. This year we went to Lake Chelan in the middle of Washington. It was super hot, but we were able to play in the lake and enjoy the company that was around us. Unfortunately we were unable to stay any longer than just the weekend, but we were excited that we were actually to make it this year!.
Darren took these beautiful pictures just out of our front door! They are of the sunrise and the Tetons in the back. This is why I love Idaho. I am sad that I am moving but I know that we will have a fun time in Utah! The next few weeks will be busy and full of new adventures.

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